The Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

Smiles can make a lasting impression. How white your smile is can determine whether your smile leaves a positive or negative impact. A bright smile is associated with health, strength, assurance, beauty, youth, and youthfulness. Modbury, women, and men are increasingly concerned about how brightly their smiles shine. Because every actor and actress in TV and movies has a beautiful smile, and whitening treatments are so common in stores, white smiles have become a key indicator of one’s attractiveness. It might be worth looking into teeth-whitening options. Plaza dental can provide laser teeth whitening and other treatments to improve your smile. Learn more about laser whitening, its advantages, and the procedure. You can also read our blog on laser whitening.

Why Should We Choose Laser Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening can be a good option when you’re not limited by the options you have (toothpaste gels strips, gels, and much more). Laser whitening works better than other methods. The effectiveness of over-the-counter whitening products is limited, so it can take some time for results to be seen. Your enamel will appear brighter when you opt for laser whitening. This is often useful when you are attending a big event like a reunion or wedding, and you want your teeth to shine quickly. You should also be aware that over-the-counter whitening products cannot be tailored to suit your needs. There are two options: you can choose something too harsh or too gentle for you. This could lead to enamel loss and sensitivity. Your dentist will help you decide the right level of whitening for your teeth. Your dentist can also ensure your teeth look natural and whiter than if you use home products. Laser whitening can be an option if you have crowns or bridges. Artificial surfaces won’t be affected by over-the-counter whitening treatments, so your results may not be as consistent. Finally, laser whitening can be more effective at repairing intrinsic staining than other home whitening products. Laser whitening can be the best way to brighten your smile if you have serious staining.

What Should You Expect During the Treatment?

Your dentist can design your customized whitening plan after an initial consultation. The treatment will typically be completed within two years of your regular cleanings. This will help eliminate tartar and plaque buildup so that your laser can evenly bleach your teeth. After your teeth are cleaned and dried properly, a barrier covering your gums is applied. Next, the bleaching agent will be applied. After shielding your eyes, the light is directed at each of the teeth to activate the bleaching agent. The procedure can be repeated several more times until you achieve the desired results. After the procedure is completed, the barrier can be taken off, and any leftover gel removed.

Helping Your Teeth to Stay Bright

You must keep your smile white after you have had treatment. Plaza dental treatment encourages our patients to maintain a healthy home and brush their teeth daily to get rid of stains. Apart from regular brushing, you should also brush, rinse with mouthwash and chewing gum, and do this after drinking or eating something that may stain. If you drink staining drinks, make sure to use a straw. The liquid won’t touch the enamel. To stop your enamel from becoming yellowish fast, you should quit using tobacco products. The dentist can clean your teeth two to four times per year. This will remove plaque and tartar buildup, which will cause yellowing.

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